I wonder how many licenses were sold in the first 24 hours

If I were running XF I don't think I'd release this info, but I do wonder how many licenses of XF were sold during the initial 24 hours.

I hope the folks that run XF make a ton of $$ from this product and enjoy the ride along the way.


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I believe they may have sold more than 1, though this hasn't been confirmed yet.


Google.com "Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010 XenForo Ltd" might show how many are running (and indexed)


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Try that with vB4 renewals, that's $4600 for my 20 licenses. This is CHEAP. Don't f00l urself :)
True, but I wasn't comparing prices with other platforms. I was stating the obvious, that multiple license owners don't have a discount here at XF.