I want to have a market section, as in like classifieds which are moderated.


Hello again :D
I wish to implement a Market section where the members who fulfill a certain criteria are able to sell and buy their stuff online through our forum, it is not a controlled forum or category but rather a moderated sectin.
for example, I have purchased a new GFX card and I wish to sel my old one, so I put up a sale thread, where some conditions like the pictures, condition of the card and other such stuff are mandatory.
If a member buys the card from me and receives it satisfactorily, then he can give me a rating ( somewhat like ebay ) which is positive, thus my reputation of a successful deal is placed on my user profile.. and the members can all see how many popsitive and negative ratings I have.

now is this even possible ??
I need this ....
I will answer all your queries, this will help a lot of forum owners..

I tried to search for a suitable addon but couldn't find it, Mods can please post this in th eright section if this is not the right place.


Thanks, I will be posting a request after a meeting with my admins, very soon.
If I can care for more attention, then what I am looking for is iTrader rating system which is used in vBulletin.
It would be difficult to adapt a forum for that purpose. What you really need is a new market application. You should post a request:

Yes that is nice, what are you using though, it just looks like a normal post?
but ratings do give a market section a special trust factor, if a member has 20 positive ratings then it makes the seller/buyer easier to trust that member.
example of what I doing with core features, without the rating system NZ Beekeepers Buy Sell & Exchange