I want to do a specific task after a donation/payment is complete


I have tried to fiddle around with the code but I'm kind of stuck..

What I want to do is a task (in the php callback files) after a donation or payment is complete. So that means after the user has payed to donated for something the script will also run my own personal code that I put in the callback files.

For example:
Edgar pays for super rank->Pay pal site->Payment done->Sends back to website->Upgrades edgar->Runs my own code;

Don't know if it makes sense, It's late ^_^

Jake Bunce

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Btw how can I see what upgrade a user has chosen from the $Upgrade variable?
That is the xf_user_upgrade record. You can check fields from that table. For example:

if ($upgrade['user_upgrade_id'] == 1)
else if ($upgrade['user_upgrade_id'] == 2)
That should do it.