I want to clean up my forum folder and database.


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I have been running christianforumsite.com since 2005. Previously I had been using vbulletin (phpbb even before that) and now its been on xenforo for about 2 years I think. During my time with vbulletin I installed and removed many addons like vbseo, unofficial gallery, unofficial blogs, piwik analytics and many others. Some of them were not properly removed and so they have their bits lying around in my forum folder and database. I wanted to get someone well versed with xenforo and vbulletin to have a look into this and remove unwanted file / folders / database entries and in the end probably tune my server to run xenforo better. This should be done carefully. I attempted to clean it once and screwed it. I am a noob at this. So I had to get my hosting provider to restore it back. Is there someone here who could do that professionally and without causing too much downtime? How much could it cost me in $$? Thanks.