I want to buy statistics system with my credit card


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But I would like to pay you with a credit card.

I trust you unconditional, man. Can't you do something like modern statistics?
I don't know how to make multiple tabs yet. I guess I need one full week to shag out how such type of a product can be done.
I have ADHD, hence reduced efficiency. Also, new academic semester (though postponed by COVID-19) is about to begin, reducing my available time.

Finally, in Japan I can only receiving moneys through bank transfer and PayPal.
There might be another way but I have lack of experiences with it.


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If I play with templates, it can return as a problem in updates.
I am pretty sure that making a statistic addon with templates moderation won't cause a problem among XenForo 2.1 updates.
Even if for XenForo 2.2, as long as API and template syntax have no changes, it is easy to migrate the plugin for XenForo 2.2.x updates.

P.S.: I urge you to consolidate what you want to say in a single long post.
Your fragmented messages rang my cellphone frequently, triggering my anxiety disorder panics.
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