XF 1.5 i want remove all users but before ..


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i want remove all users except userid =1 but before that opretion i need

1. to reset all likes and trophies for all members by sql
2. move all post and threads to userid=1

this for new strating


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for q 2

update `xf_thread` set
`username` = 'jack' AND `user_id` = 1  AND last_post_user_id = 1 AND last_post_username ='jack'  AND `first_post_likes` = 0;

update `xf_post` set
user_id = 1 AND username = 'jack' AND likes = 0;
its true or false

Tracy Perry

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Got a sneaking suspicion you may be playing wth fire when you attempt to do this as there are MANY other tables that would have to be updated.