I want a bot


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you would think that any of the old IRC eggbots would work with a little tweaking...
Those are the inspiration actually :)

This is the dream, I post

"xenbot attack (username)"

Then xenbot comes along and insults said member mwahahaha


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I would think it would be easier / more secure to create a table fill it with two columns

dissID | DissText

and then just load it with disses.

then create a math function to select randomly from the table. I imagine this would be a moderator/admin tool (unless this is like the !slap boxing in an irc #chan) so I would (if I could) make a button next to report under posts that triggers reply + auto grabs a diss by triggering that math function and inserting the data from column 2 in that row into the post underneath the quote.

I used to have a few bot scripts some simple some complex...but basically the cool people who were trying to teach made me acknowledge multiple times that hooking into anything outside of the chan/server that the bot is in, is basically making a botnet. I still can't tell you why, I can tell you is that they told me if I manage to do it...it is not their fault...that is the one part I did get at the time.

I will say a bot would be kind of cool, there was an AI chat bot (like this http://www.computerhope.com/zero/) in a room I used to frequent and it would really answer questions and talk back if you acted up. There is a lot of possibilities with IRC but I still think it would be better to use the DB from the forum rather than wait for all the handshaking of an irc server communicating 2 way with your forum.