[$$$] I need a small plugin, will pay for it

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I need a plugin, that lets me see who downloaded attachments. I have a client with a stock photography site and he is all over me since member xxxxxx 'offers' such a plugin (but refuses to sell) and I have a hard time explaining him this unprofessional scenario.

I refuse to supply my client with Warez and also he needs support and maybe expansions in the future etc.

Please code this for me and no worries, I always pay good for work ;)


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Add-on creators have the right to sell or not sell, to not release to the public, or release as a free add-on. Please do not use members names, and respect their decisions.


xenForo itself is very expensive to begin with and this tendency for high priced plugins, I see that xenForo will not incorporate those functions or evolve, thus not disgruntling the 'developers' here. I say 'developers' with hyphens, cause what I see in the resource manager, I can do almost all of it myself, no big deal and/or mostly ports from open-source PHP projects anyway.
Why don't you just make it then ;)
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