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XF 1.4 I may have screwed up my import


Active member
I installed XenForo into a different directory from my VB and backed up the clean database. I then made customizations, placing adsense, add ons, etc. I then did a test import of posts (over 1.7 million) and users (over 69,000) and all went well. I have been doing further customizations for the last few days.

I am getting ready to delete the db and install the clean database I backed up and do a final import from the VB database. However I am thinking all my customizations will be gone, that I should have made all the customizations and THEN backed up the database before doing the test import of the VB database.

Am I correct?


Active member
Okay, I will go ahead and delete the database then install the clean one, then do all the customizations again, and then back it up before doing the VB import.

I did read the guide before I started but got things out of order.