I know spring is here beacuse...


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Where I am, the weather can't decide whether it wants to be Spring or Winter. The temperature has been fluctuating rapidly enough that within one day it's bright and warm one hour, and the following the temperate rapidly drops and it starts to snow.


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Try visiting Denmark if you think srping started. I'd love to start on the veggie garden, but there's still frost in the ground :( DAMN GLOBULL WARMING.

Darn weather forecasters and their 10 degrees predictions. Honestly, if I was wrong as often as those people are, I'd have been fired a heck of a lot more.


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we still got a ton of snow no spring yet here hopefully soon as I play on a Baseball team and suppose to start in April little hard to play in the snow though lol


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It snowed here yesterday, although I can wait for spring a while longer yet. Need to go snowboarding a few more times this season, unless I pickup a freeboard: