I hope you manage to get things sorted because I can't find any forum software I like as much as XF!


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Like many people at the moment I'm a little concerned for the health and welfare of the XF team and software. I've had a good look around at competing products, you know, "just in case", but I've got a problem - I can't find anything I like as much as XF!!!

The simple, fast, elegant way it works means that everything else I touch seems somewhat clunky by comparison. My moderator team and I get more done in less time than we ever used to; I haven't had a single complaint from the 20,000+ members I moved over to XF last year; the post count curve at my main site has spiked upward; the template system is a breeze to work with; the add-on system is equally easy to use; and XF has inspired me to branch out and create a network of sites and set a goal of running forums for a living in a few years time!!

Mike, Ashley, Kier - you've created something truly unique that has such great potential - I hope you can weather the storm and come out the other side in a position to make XF a world-beating online community solution.

Thanks for a great product - and here's to the future of XF (y)

Shaun :D


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I agree with the "can't find any forum software I like as much as XF" bit, but there are features missing that are core on other software that the people on my forums I've converted are missing. I do get complaints about how the software works, but not more than I got about vBulletin. My forums aren't growing faster than they were on vBulletin, but they're not dying either. It's not the nirvana that you describe, but it could be if Mike and Kier got back to work. I am really disappointed that 1.2 didn't come out yet.


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I agree - there's plenty of work still to do and some key features and functions missing (and of course some catch-up to do), but it's the way it works that does it for me. (y)