I feel like social sharing was an after thought.

The way social sharing is done on xenforo seems like it was an afterthought.

If you use xenfor's forum as an example it currently has 59k members and 780k messages, and it's only been tweeted 251x, recommended on facebook 511x and g+1 296x.

With those statistics, I can't imagine how many page loads have been created and how many times users could have been more encouraged to share the topics.

The way the social sharing icons are just kind of thrown on the page at the bottom of the sidebar doesn't make sense to me. I know this block can be moved to the top, however it's still lacking in so many way's.

I'm not saying I have all the answers as to how it could be done better to encourage more social sharing, however I feel like this is a huge part of viral marketing for communities that use forums/blogs etc.

I feel like xenforo has revolutionized the way a forum cms should work and I think it's time to really dig in and come up with some better solutions for social sharing.

Anyone have any thoughts to this?