I almost deleted my entire sites...

Liam W

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I was planning on deleting a backup archive I had made named 'domains.tgz'.

I typed the command, rm -rvf and used tab completion... But I forgot to add the extension. It deleted a significant amount of site content before I hit Ctrl-C (6 times).

I'm just glad it missed the internal_data directory... And that most of the important XF stuff is stored in the database.

(This is just a way of saying that XF Liam will be down for a while while I re-upload all the add-on files...)



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Liam you can backup the files to a3 also, i do it a few times a day also, as slavik said you can .tar and push to a3


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I've got a cron job that runs a backup script I wrote and offloads to a different directory. Then a second cron job sends those files to a different server on a different host.

You can never be to safe.


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I use rsync to sync everything to my rsync.net account. It only synchronizes the things that are changed.
I remember when I was looking to backup to S3 it didn't support incremental backups, so I would have to send a full backup every time and use a lot of data and resources.
Does it supports incremental backups now?
Not sure if I want to change. rsync.net has been great!


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This is one of my nightmares. When I first started my job a few years ago, I was working on a clients site, and accidentally deleted everything and didn't even notice. Luckily for me the site was NOT active at all, and I had a backup laying around.

Ever since then, I've been vigilant about about making backups. I have 40+ sites (all different types of sites from WordPress to IPB to XF) doing regular backups to S3.


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I feel for you @Liam W - I've done that myself, many moons ago - and my employer was not a happy man. I ended up working through the night until the wee small hours to get everything back from the 8" floppy drives ... :whistle:

Don't know if it will be of any help, but I use s3cmd to do a daily sync of certain directories to an S3 bucket with 7 folders - one for each day. When I discovered the flaw in XF attachements (delete it from the post deletes it from the server) I stopped using the -delete flag on the sync so it now retains all attachments (providing they're not deleted within the first 24hrs). It's saved my bacon a couple of times. (y)