Huge Thanks To Deebs

Anthony Parsons

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I want to personally thank Deebs very much for helping me with this, ES is now working and currently caching.

All Deebs asked was that I support XF some more, buy some more stuff... so even though I have lots of useless stuff I will unlikely use in my campaign supporting XF already, I am now going to buy some more, as per Deebs only request from me. Another $120 well spent in support.

Really excellent work. A little disappointed that Wiredtree techs couldn't do this with, what seems, ease that Deebs has done it.


Formerly CyclingTribe
Two of the great things about the XF community is the willingness of people to share their experience (and knowledge) with others - and the lack of ego's and politics (well, mostly lack of ... (y) ).

It's people helping each other out and in turn helping XF to grow and develop. It's good stuff.

Quite how you develop such a pioneering and friendly atmosphere on a site I don't know - but it just feels "right" to give your time and expertise here if you are able to help others - whereas on some other sites you sort of hold back.

Anyway - just wanted to get that off my chest before asking lots more questions and for lots of help from others ... lol :ROFLMAO:

Shaun :D