XF 1.5 Https works but Padlock/Secure isn't showing up


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I have the site being forced to https, however when you go to it, it doesn't show the lock or secure (If you're on chrome). I've contacted my host about it, and they stated this:

Regarding the https issue, if you access the domain and then right click on the page and select View source, you can see the complete source code of the page. In that page if you search for http://gamehandout.com you can find the links Boris has mentioned. Those http:// links should be https:// and since that is not the case the domain is not detected as a complete secure domain and no padlock is displayed. What you need to do is make those http:// links https. If you are not sure of how to do this, you may contact your developers for help.

How would I go about changing all the links to https? I've went into ACP > Options > Basic Board Information and changed the links to https on there, I've also went into ACP > Options > Messages and checked both
  • Proxy Images
  • Proxy Links
as well as provided a Image and Link Proxy Secret Key all without avail.

How do I go about getting the padlock/secure to show up when viewing the site?