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I love it in general, the only thing I noticed that's a slight problem is that the border isn't even on the thread view.


If you look at the surrounding padding (in purple/blue), the upper padding is smaller than the lower. I'm not sure if that's intentional, but I think it'd look better equally.


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That was already in the design, hopefully if the designer of the Lucent theme might do this for me. (I am no coder :confused:)


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Can i please have feed back on the look on the forum.
It's a bit anemic for a forum based on a location, I think you need some Basildon-related images on there, maybe in the header. At the moment the header is a huge expanse of blue - lots of room there for a nice photo maybe of some nice Essex countryside? Currently it doesn't seem that engaging. Or a Basildon coat of arms, town logo, etc.