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Hello, good evening, good day.

Please let me take a moment to thank you for reading this topic. I am currently working on a project at the moment. No one knows about it and been keeping the cards close to my chest.

But here goes. The website (https://www.updateaustralia.com) is more or less a forum/message board “hang out” zone for Australians who may be ridiculed by friends, family, etc if they posted their views on FB it’s a work in progress.

We have four key ‘advocacy’ topics that we are trying to get people to participate in.

These are:
The decriminalisation of cannabis;
Updates to Australia’s outdated adult entertainment laws;
Advocating for more support for parents who suffer still birth or miscarriage; and
To make it more socially acceptable for people, in particular men, reach out for mental health support when needed.

We are looking to find someone to make us a nice HTML page layout or two that would help our pages not look so bland.

The pages, found under the advocacy board, will be filled with information/links etc so people are informed and so would like it to stand out.

Happy with one nice page design across the four pages. All four pages are XenForo Page Nodes.