XF 1.3 HTML link in ad template not working

Maybe someone can help me with this one. I've added 4 graphics with links in both my above and below top breadcrumbs template. I only want them in one location, but wherever I put them, or in what order I place the graphics, the first one will not become a link. And I've tried positioning them around a bit with more or less padding. But no matter what, the first graphic will not become a link.

Any suggestions???

Edit: Here's the code I'm using
<a href="http://www.palmpedia.net/wiki/CROTON_ONLINE_REFERENCE"><img vspace="2" src="http://www.palmpedia.net/forum/images/CategoryIcons/Cro-Enc-ico.png" width="160px" alt="PALMPEDIA">
<a href="http://www.palmpedia.net/wiki/Category:PALM_GENERA"><img  vspace="2" src="http://www.palmpedia.net/forum/images/CategoryIcons/Pal-Enc-ico.png" width="160px" alt="PALMPEDIA">
<a href="http://www.palmpedia.net/wiki/Category:SLIDESHOWS"><img vspace="2" src="http://www.palmpedia.net/forum/images/CategoryIcons/Aud-Sli-ico.png" width="160px" alt="PALMPEDIA">
<a href="http://www.palmpedia.net/wiki/Category:PALMORAMAS"><img vspace="2" src="http://www.palmpedia.net/forum/images/CategoryIcons/3D-360-ico.png" width="160px" alt="PALMPEDIA">
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Sorry guys - again I figured it out after trying everything. Maybe it's obvious to you more experienced guys, but FYI when I removed the div - it worked.

I was hoping to position them a little better, but if I can't put them in a div, I guess I can't.
I won't blame anyone for not answering my next question - because for some reason, putting everything back in the div as in the code above - and it is now working. Sigh

But now something harder. Is there an easy way to get some effect on hover for those links without making a second graphic and adding a bunch of code. Maybe something that would apply to all graphics within the div with just some kind of effect to indicate better that it's a link.

Thanks to anyone still with me. :)