XF 1.4 HTML in Tooltips


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I can't get HTML to display correctly in tooltips and was wondering what the issue could be.
Also, if you hover over the node link you get a nice tooltip with a description.

I can't get bb or HTML working there either, for instance if you hover 'Installation Upgrade and Import Support' HERE
A link is displayed in the tooltip namely ' Support Forums'

Yet I can't get mine to work.
Can someone please explain if I can use HTML 5 and do I need to write full html or shortcodes?
Getting frustrated as I can't get them to work, is this disabled by default in the Admin CP or something?

Many thanks in advance.

for example, while adding a node there is this option;
Description: You may use HTML
The text (or HTML) you insert here must be valid within a <p> tag.


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Hmm it's also removed a search box/field...
Theme issue perhaps?

I've tried default now and the tooltip doesn't even show up on the link hover..
Shall I reinstall?


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I've tried, it does work on one part of it, but not the rest - when changing...
Theme issue :D, links work on nodes inside the category but not the headers. For the time being if you wanted too you can disable:

Which would show the full description on the heading itself.

Or remove the link for the time being, I'll have a look now.


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Ahhh okay! I was starting to doubt myself then too LOL!
It's okay, I'll leave it enabled for now but remove my text etc..
Thank you Russ, very keen to spot and fix, it's bloody refreshing if I am honest mate.