XF 1.4 HTML data upload limit?

Hi guys,

Basically I've created a "Page Node" and I am trying to create a large HTML table in it's "Template HTML" box. It has allowed to do this without fault with slightly smaller tables, but the latest one it seems to not want to save the page. In previous attempts, once the page finished saving a notice comes up that states "Your Changes Have Been Saved", then it's reverts back to the Node Tree. When I try to do the exact same thing with this larger table, when I hit save it shows the progress bar thingy that means it's uploading/saving the data, but then the progress bar thingy disappears and the "Your Changes Have Been Saved" message fails to come up and it stays in the "Page Node" edit screen. When I then go back to my forum and refresh the page it is clear that the "HTML Table" data did not upload.

So basically I need to know if it is Xenforo that is not allowing me to upload this massive "HTML Table" or the server?

Thanks for any replies. :)
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It could be a server limit.

Assuming it's not private data, can you upload the raw data in a file somewhere so I can test?


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For anyone wondering, changing set_time_limit to 0 in php.ini resolved this.

I would advise reverting it to the default after doing so though.
Yes, this resolved the issue. Although it did not behave as expected it managed to upload which is fine. I will revert back once all the uploads are done. Thanks for your help. :)