HTML BBCode (permission protected) [Deleted]

ver. 1.0.7 , XF 1.3.1

custom codes is not working when this addon is installed and activated :(
@Luke Foreman please could you check it please.

I was trying to use the addon for google's streetview which has a custom bb code - and after I have installed your addon I just see [streetview=48.812196,2.37853;217]Street View[/streetview] instead of a street picture.
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I have upgraded my site to 1.3.1 and was about to upgrade this addon to 1.0.7 and see that some are having issues with this. My site and this addon is still working fine with v1.0.6 still installed, the new custom bb codes are working etc.

Perhaps I leave v1.0.6 installed till this can be proven to be ok...thanks Luke for the addon
Thanks, now it works perfect with custom BBcodes. It worth 6GBP.

@Luke Foreman I think I found a bug, could you check it please, if I write anything inside CENTER /CENTER
, it will not be working, for example try to put <a href="1">1</a> like
{CENTER} [parsehtml]<a href="1">1</a>[/parsehtml] {/CENTER}​

you will see only the text but the link

{} - means []
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