How XenForo see in 10 years in the future?

Personally I see this:

1. Integrated CMS
2. E-commerce tools
3. Blogs
4. Wikis XenForo version (why not?)
5. Auto update to new improvements easy, just a click
6. An integrated service XenForo spam
7. What are the Characteristics That You Will Have xF think in the future? other than those mentioned

Greetings! Reinhard


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To be on-topic I'd like to see a good, solid, feature rich forum core that is the central focus of XF (always) with the remaining "suite" style applications bolted-on in a way that does not take focus away from conversation and member interaction.

The one thing that's different about XF is it's social-site ability to draw you in and keep you glued to the community content - highlighting (via alerts) the things that others are doing.

If there's one area that I'd like to see used more it's alerts - you could, quite literally, get them for everything everyone does at a site - lots and lots and lots of alerts to keep you welded to the site and participating. :D


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Hopefully an API and a good deal more plugins. In 10 years though they're likely be a new codebase. Zend Framework 2 was just released so god knows how much longer ZF1 will continue receiving support and security updates.