How was your holiday

Adam Howard

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This holiday season it would seem everyone felt the need to feed me. :ROFLMAO:

Seriously, I was invited to 3 Thanksgiving dinners on 3 different days, because 2 of them worked on Thanksgiving so they wanted me there either the day before and the day after. I had 5 Christmas parties and 4 dinners to attend to. 2 Hanukkah gatherings, 9 Birthday parties, and 1 Quanza. And finally 2 New Years parties (one last night and one later today). :eek:

Keep in mind I wasn't foolish enough to go stuffing my face at all those events. In fact I was very careful not to eat to much (small plates). But they still add up .... god... they add up. :X3:

Thankfully my next "party" is not until Jan 23, Feb 27, and March 4

So I'll be fasting and if and when possible, exercising.