How to use ImageMagick binaries under /usr/bin ?


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I activated the ImageMagick PHP module on my server by going in to the PHP Extension settings and clicking on the box next to ImageMagick.

And it worked. (ie, I now have animated gifs as avatars)

However, I noticed this popup warning:


It suggests that I use the ImageMagick binaries under /usr/bin (instead of checking the box, i think?)

So can someone please guide me as to what this means, and what should I do?

I think it suggests:
  1. I uncheck the box which I just ticked
  2. download the linux binaries from -
  3. run the php script from the root of my server?
  4. and that's it?
I'm just guessing, I'm hoping someone could let me know if that is correct. or if I misunderstood, or where /usr/bin comes in to play too.

XenForo does not support using ImageMagick binaries.

If you really want to do that (I would strongly recommended not to do that) you would have to implement a class to use the binaries.
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