XF 1.2 How to: Turn off Mobile site


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Some of my users are complaining about my mobile site. Things are just kind of squished
together, apparently. I just upgraded to 1.2.5 and I suppose before this update it didn't do that.
How can I turn off my mobile site for mobile users, so they always see the full website like a
desktop version would? They prefer it this way unless a nice mobile version is made, so in the
mean time..



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Disable responsive.


I don't really understand the issue though, XenForo works perfectly fine on small screens.


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There is no such thing as desktop and mobile styles.
The style is responsive or not, for all browsers and devices.

Create two styles - one responsive, one not.


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Doesn't that make the desktop site also not responsive?
If you want to make your site "semi responsive" with min and max widths for desktop users, you can specify minimum and maximum page widths. I did this on mine so it doesn't shrink to the point of breaking but expands for bigger screens, up to a point. My mobile users have Tapatalk.