XF 2.2 How to set a maximum messages limit per threads


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Hello, in the ACP there is no option for manage threads lenght. We come from vbulletin and there we used to cut threads after reached 2000 messages.
This prompted us to create a second thread of the same topic with a prefix to distinguish threads e.g.: Capt1 / Capt2 / Capt3 etc...

We need to mantain that format in the new xenforo forum, for many reason (archives/moderation/etc) i hope to know if someone can suggest how can we set a message number limit in a thread? When limit of XXXX messages has reached, there's no need to perform particular automations. Just stop users to send messages inside the thread. Then a moderator can close it or write the new chapter url as last post of the thread.
I know, but we just paid a lot for licensing and packages. if we can save some by making our own alterations, we prefer. We honestly thought there was an option to limit the length of threads.
rpg.net switched from VB to XF for their forums a few years ago and still keep threads to around 1000 posts just for manageability. When a thread hits the limit, they lock it and start a "sequel". Some popular ones have many threads. I think they just have mods doing it manually, though, in cooperation with thread starters.

I have a couple popular, long-running threads that are into the 10s of thousands of posts with no issues so I have never looked into a limit myself.
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