XF 1.3 how to search for user "language setting" ?


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I have a "german-language" forum. So the "german language" is set as default language in ACP.

However, some of my users have "english" activated as their setting.

Now I would like to find (search) for users which have "english" set as their default language.
How do I find users via ACP who have their language set as "english" versus "german" ?

Is there a chance to do this somehow ?

I would like to set all my already registered users towards my "standard language" which is "german". The issue is, that only newly registered users will have the "german language" as per default. Users which have an older registration-date do have set their language towards "english", so I would like to correct this and change it towards "german".

But it seems I need to go through all users manually and check their "preferences".
This is a lot of manual work. Is there a way to change this with just a few clicks instead of manually checking each user ?

- when I set a specific "style" as "standard style", then all users will see the "standard style". This is fine.
- when I set a specific "language" as "standard language", then only newly registered users will see the "standard language", users who registered before changing the settings will not see the "standard language". This is an issue.

Many thanks!
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Steps to correct this:

  1. Make a backup of your database
  2. Open phpmyadmin
  3. Do a "SELECT * FROM xf_language" in phpmyadmin and note the language_id of your target language German (probably 2 because the default English usually is 1)
  4. Do this Update statement but replace the word REPLACETHIS with the language_id of your target language German:

    UPDATE xf_user
    SET language_id = REPLCAETHIS
    WHERE language_id != REPLACETHIS;


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many thanks Walter.

Generally speaking, I think this is some kind of bug.... since the "language settings" should work similar as the "style settings".