how to remove the navbare

Greeting to all ,
i have my own navebare for all my site sections and it is very long

it's between <dive> some horizontal menu using ajax and ccs <dive\>

i want to put it instead of

i hope that it can be done


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I'm sure I haven't read this correctly and unsure whether this would be the correct method in going about doing such things but adding the following to extra.css

.navTabs  {
display: none !important;
ps. you may not need to add !important. I'm quite sure i read your request incorrectly and jake or brogan will venture in to correct that.
Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> EXTRA.css

Add this code to remove both rows of breadcrumbs:

.breadBoxTop, .breadBoxBottom
display: none;
it does what i want it to do , but the make new post link is gone and it will only apeare at the end of the forum , can i make the only thing that show in the breadboxTop is the make new post or thread


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try this instead
.breadBoxTop .breadcrumb, .breadBoxBottom {
display: none;

to insert something where the top breadcrumb is use the 'page_container_breadcrumb_top' template hook

create a listener for it and use that listener to create a template when it comes across that hook.

create a template where you will put your navigation code that will get placed anywhere the top breadcrumb would have been


the following is just that already done for you...all you need do is upload the contents of the UPLOAD folder to your forum root, install from xml and then edit the kallaf_header template that this addon is where you will add the navigation unit of yours.