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XF 1.4 How to remove index page date of last message


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Template: node_forum_level_2

Find this and remove everything in red:

Rich (BB code):
<span class="lastThreadMeta">
    <span class="lastThreadUser"><xen:if is="{xen:helper isIgnored, $forum.last_post_user_id}">{xen:phrase ignored_member}<xen:else /><xen:username user="$forum.lastPost" /></xen:if>,</span>
    <xen:datetime time="$forum.lastPost.date" class="muted lastThreadDate" data-latest="{xen:phrase latest}: " />


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Sort-of along these lines, how could you make the LastThreadDate a bit more visible on the forum index page? Is there something that can be added to the EXTRA.css to have it show up better?

Something like this perhaps...
.forum-index-page-template .lastThreadDate
color: black;


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That one's a bit tricky because it gets its styling from the Body style property, so it will need some extra specificity to target only that. While you could change that style properly, that would change other things as well, though you could try to work a balance if that wouldn't be a problem for you.

Otherwise, have a look at this awesome resource from @Brogan: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/how-to.4390/