How to Remove Everyone from Mailing Site List


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You can do it with an SQL query if you're comfortable doing that.

UPDATE xf_user_option SET receive_admin_email = 0;

To change it for any new users, set it in the ACP -> Options -> User Registration: Receive site mailings


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sweet thanks.. I sent a mass email to all my members and got shut down from my hosting:( only a 1000 an hour allowed.. Going to post up who wants to receive my junk emails:)

Acceptable Use Policy
Bulk Mailings: Bulk mailings of any kind are not permitted to be sent from our shared (Personal, Business, Reseller) servers. This line item applies to mailings sent within the 1000 emails per hour limit as well.


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You might want to remove it from the default registration options too, just to make sure that new users don't register and receive site mailings by default.