How to remove all data?


I have been charged with managing the transfer of our phpBB forum to Xenforo, and have stumbled across a problem that I didn't think I would come across.

I had spent the past few months experimenting with the software, which involved importing all data before it was ready for the actual transfer. Now, when I need to re-import the data, I can't remove the original data.

I have removed all attachments, threads and nodes, but there is no way to mass-delete users, which means that the synchronization will probably fail unless I simply go back to a vanilla installation or find some other way to remove the leftover data.

Now, I have no access to the database itself, and the head admin will be unreachable for some time to come. What is the easiest way to clear all data with FTP and admin access?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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You should import into a new installation of XF. Use your test forum as a point of reference in manually applying any custom development to the final import, as opposed to building onto your test forum and taking it live. There is no easy way to deal with the duplicate content if you import again into the same forum.

With that said, it has been done:

But it's a dirty thing to do and may cause problems later.
Okay, I'm currently in the process of uploading the software again. Will there be any problems if I use the existing databases, seeing that I can't create a new one?

Jake Bunce

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A new installation would be a new database. If you copy the old database then it's no longer a new installation. It has to be a separate database if you want to avoid dealing with duplicate content.