XF 2.2 how to prevent the navbar change to side in small width

Omar Adil

New member
hello guys
is there a way to deactivate the navbar change to side in mobile view (small width), because I only have two tabs for now which the space is enough for it, so I want to make the navbar the same as the desktop view
thank you


Active member
I understand:
What needs to be done to keep the navbar always in desktop mode (worst case, but accepted: partly hidden by the right side's user elements) and to prevent the switch to hamburger button / folding menu at small viewports below responsive width / in mobile mode without losing all other still wanted responsive features?

Mr Lucky

Well-known member
This seems to work for me (in extra.less}

@media (max-width: @xf-publicNavCollapseWidth)

        .p-nav .p-nav-menuTrigger
            display: none;



//optional to make visitor menu narrower


{padding:8px 2px}