How to override a XenForo core class in a compiled template


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Related to this thread about email parsing, I attempted to override XenForo_Helper_String::bbCodeStrip() and/or XenForo_Template_Helper_Core::helperSnippet() with an extension class, in order update the text handling in bbCodeStrip(). The helper code in the template
{xen:helper snippet, $reply.message, 30, {xen:array 'fromStart=1', 'stripQuote=1'}}
yields a compiled template with the XenForo core call baked in:
select template_compiled from xf_email_template_compiled where title = 'watched_thread_reply_messagetext';
XenForo_Template_Helper_Core::callHelper('snippet', array(
'0' => $reply['message'],
'1' => '30',
'2' => array(
'fromStart' => '1',
'stripQuote' => '1'
Is there a way to override this to call my extension class?