How to organize a marketplace section on my forum?


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Hello guys,

I would like to have some sort of a marketplace section on my forum where users can buy/sell and most importantly trade.

I have a memorabilia forum, where collectors want to trade their stuff with one another.

Memorabilia is usually organized in collections.

For instance, lets imagine that that you have a sports figures that you want to trade. Those sports figures belong to a collection "Random Sportfigures collection". Each of the figures has its own number 1-150.

Here is how it usually works :
You post a topic naming it "Random Sports Figures collection"
And write something like :
"I have : 4,5,6,15,25,45,98"
and I need 74,96,112,113,150"

This can obviously look pretty unorganized. So is there any trade manager, or anything that can help people out trading?

How do you organize your marketplace sections?