XF 1.2 How to Move Links to Tabs


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How can I move some Top Tab links to a solo Tab?

Right Now I have Nav Bar Forum Tabs
Forums / Album / Bookmarks / Events / Blogs / Members
like to put them all in one Tab?


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Some of those sound like they are from add-ons.
In which case the links will be injected into the navigation template either using the now deprecated hook system or template modifications.
As such, you would need to first remove that section of code from each add-on and then manually edit the navigation template to add them again.

Jake Bunce

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Nodes As Tabs can do that with link-forums. Example:


Basically create a node tab with a bunch of child link-forums pointing to the other pages from those other tabs. It will pull them all into the node tab for tab-selection.

This feature matches the base URL. So if your link-forum points to members/ then that will pull in profile pages as well since they share the same base URL. So you can pull in entire routes to a node tab this way.