[How to] Moderate New Users?


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How do you Moderate New Users without punishing registered users in xenForo?

I always wait for (1) post from a user before letting them be unmoderated.

I can usually catch spam or unwanted users this way without moving them to the Registered Usergroup.


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Moderation based on post count needs to be done manually. Or you can use this addon to setup an automatic promotion based on trophy points:


For example, you can setup the Registered group to be moderated. Then create a secondary group that is not moderated. Then setup a promotion to add users to the secondary group.
i use this method myself.
once a user accumulates a given number of 'likes' they are promoted to the 'full member' usergroup. this takes the burden of 'member approval' off of myself and places it onto the members, which they seem to appreciate.