XF 2.2 How to merge one account into another?


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I see some discussion around this under older versions but want to make sure of the procedure under 2.2.

Adam and Eve are two different usernames, under the same email address, for the same person. I want to merge all the Adam messages into Eve -- with the Eve name surviving as the only account for the person and the Adam name being deleted.

I see if I go to edit user in ACP there is an action called "Merge with user". But I don't know whether to start the action with Adam or Eve. Could someone layout the exact steps to accomplish this merger. I don't want to do it backwards, ending up erroneously deleting Eve and having Adam survive.
Thanks, I just merged a user from 2008 into the new one he set up in 2021. Now it shows that he has 191 messages. He had last been active in 2011 and had an old email address. Very cool.

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