XF 1.3 how to make full page-width ?


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does anybody know how to make the "page width" into 100% by still keeping the default position of the items at the page ?

I would like to remove the space at the left and right of the header, the footer and also remove it from the body-content. But still want to keep the current position of the items.

Literally the page should stretch like for example www.youtube.com

Anybody knows what I mean ?

Appreciate your help!



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I mean this:

.pageWidth {
margin: 0 1%;
padding-left: 5px;
padding-right: 5px;
I would like to stretch the "header navigation" to full page-width.
So literally get rid of the "margin", but only get rid of this margin in the "header".
The "page-width" of the "body" should remain as is.