XF 1.3 How to limit guests' posts to texts only? No links, image or media option for guests.

First, I would like to apologize if I posted this in the wrong place.

I'm wondering if there is a place in the ACP that I'm missing in order to disable links, images, media to be posted by guests/unregistered? I know permissions to upload attachment can be revoked, but guests can still use the IMG tag and post pics. I would like that to be disabled for guests. Same thing with the URL and Media.

If it's not available, is there an add-on for Xenforo 1.3 that will let me specify permissions for guests in a specific node/forum so that they won't be able to post any links, images or media, but still be able to post albeit with limitations?

Thanks. :D


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User Groups > [Your User Group] > Signature Permissions

Set the limits to zero.
The OP is asking to disable links, images and media in posts, not in signatures.

This isn't possible without an add-on. I don't think there's an add-on that does this either.

Thanks Amaury and Martok.

Yes, Martok is right. If not directly, I wonder if there is an add-on for Xenforo 1.3 that would at least get me close to accomplishing what I would like? Template mod? We really feel like we would want an area in our forum where guests can post. What we fear are guests who would post inappropriate images, links and videos. We thought, if we can limit guests' posts to text, it would stop porn, spam link etc....