How to limit file upload permissions to just Admins

Hi, I have a noob question. How can I limit permissions for file uploads in posts to just specific user groups?

For now I'd prefer just admins be able to upload to conserve disk usage on my hosting account.

Actually, I have two questions. How can I change the image embed feature so it's possible to embed an image inline via file upload instead of only from a URL online?


Dammit, as soon as I posted this I had an idea and found out where to manage upload permissions.

Users => User Groups

It's just like school where, as soon as you raise your hand to ask a question, the answer pops into your head.

I'd still like to find out how to add upload to the inline image embed tool though, if that's possible.

Hey @Amaury.

When I embed an image into a post, I'd like to be able to upload the image to the forum instead of having to link to it from an external source. See below. let me know if I'm still explaining things poorly.



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The Insert Image button on the toolbar is only for embedding images hosted elsewhere. If you want to add an uploaded image to a post, you have to use the Upload a File button, upload the image and then click on the Full Image or Thumbnail button ned to the attached image. You can also drag and drop image files directly into the rich text editor to upload them if you are using a modern browser such as Chrome.


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If you can't see the Upload a File button, ensure your permissions are setup properly and this is to Allow for the Registered user group: Upload attachments to posts.