XF 1.5 How to integrate specific add-ons' "$extraTab.counter" into custom tabs?


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Background: I managed to make an integrated Admin/Moderator menu that adds up all count alerts to one summary when the popup is closed.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-19 um 11.00.55.jpg

This was pretty easy because the variables are easy to find and put together.

Now I am trying to do the same with the "item counts" of the main navigation tabs. I created a new tab with "Nodes As Tabs" and called it "NEW!" to count and sum up ALL new items throughout every add-on installed. I managed to merge it with "Unread Post Count" add-on, so it looks like this.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-19 um 11.14.06.jpg

Now I would like to do this for any tab you see in the popup menu above and have the SUM of everything integrated into the main navigation tab "NEW!" as bubble count / alert count. I really get stuck at the point to determine how to get/know the variables for the individual item counts as (so far I do understand code without being a code developer) that the additional nav tabs are looped with a variable $extraTab which then draws the item counts from the database.

<strong class="itemCount"><span class="Total">{$extraTab.counter}</span><span class="arrow"></span></strong>
THE QUESTION IS:... How do I access the item counts from specific add-ons and what do I have to include to get the specific item count variable. Can I draw that variable directly or does this only work with "$extraTab"?

Any help or pointing to the right direction is welcome.