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How to implement templates in external pages

Discussion in 'XenForo Development Discussions' started by @Meigem, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. @Meigem

    @Meigem New Member

    A few days ago, we bought a XenForo license for our project and we have been exploring the code to try to understand how MVC works, but it's difficult.
    • We want to use the "register_form" template in an external page, generating the HTML code.
    • The question is: ¿How can we use the "register_form" template in an external page using the same HTML, CSS & PHP code? We only found the XML code in the XenForo folders, not the HTML.
    Thank you.

    P.D.: Sorry, we don't speak perfect english.
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  2. seojoseph

    seojoseph Member

  3. Vincent Gabriel

    Vincent Gabriel Active Member

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for but you can use the following to render a template:

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  4. seojoseph

    seojoseph Member

    good job. :)
  5. @Meigem

    @Meigem New Member

    Thank you so much, Vincent! :)
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  6. Jeff Berry

    Jeff Berry Well-Known Member

            $this->_dependencies = new XenForo_Dependencies_Public();
            $this->_request      = new Zend_Controller_Request_Http();
            $this->_response     = new Zend_Controller_Response_Http();
            $this->renderer = $this->_dependencies->getViewRenderer($this->_response, 'Html', $this->_request);
            $content = $this->renderer->renderView('', $viewParams, 'xr_widget_' . $widgetId);
            return $content;
    This is what I use and it works fine.
  7. @Meigem

    @Meigem New Member

    One more question about your script, Vincent: How exactly works the function called renderTemplate()? I put 'register_form' in the first parameter, but I don't know what is array $params :S

    This is my code:
    $sdk = new XenForoSDK;

    $template $sdk->renderTemplate('register_form', array $params);
    Thank you for your help :)
  8. Vincent Gabriel

    Vincent Gabriel Active Member

    It's an array of params passed to the template. in the template mentioned above, under library/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Register.php

    $viewParams = array(
    'fields' => $fields,
    'errors' => $errors,

    'timeZones' => XenForo_Helper_TimeZone::getTimeZones(),
    'dobRequired' => $options->get('registrationSetup''requireDob'),

    'captcha' => XenForo_Captcha_Abstract::createDefault(),
    'tosUrl' => XenForo_Dependencies_Public::getTosUrl(),

    'regKey' => $regKey,

    'customFields' => $this->_getFieldModel()->prepareUserFields(
    $this->_getFieldModel()->getUserFields(array('registration' => true)),

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  9. @Meigem

    @Meigem New Member

    Thank you so much one more time Vincent :) This is what I wanted.

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