How to implement phpbb functionality in xenForo

Hi, a forum that I use has recently migrated to xenForo from phpbb.

There are some aspects of functionality in the previous system that haven't yet been implemented on the site under xenForo but it's unclear how these can be implemented and the admin has asked for suggestions from the users such as myself.

When one has a private message waiting, the notification on screen is tiny. How can this be made more distinct? Under phpbb it was a large rectangular notification.

The new colour themes are appear to be unable to match the old colour themes, e.g. having a non-white background for general message body areas.

It appears to be impossible to search for users on partial usernames or wildcards.

How does each user set their preferred message text colour for messages that they write?

Under phpbb, moderators could edit messages. This no longer appears possible. Is there any way to enable it?

Also, under phpbb, moderators could see the IP addresses of posters to help catch individuals who use multiple accounts. Is there any way to have that functionality under xenForo?


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All of those require template edits, configuration, or add-ons. The administrator is free to post in the proper support forums and we can help them achieve whatever they hope to achieve.