XF 1.2 How To Identify Outdated Style Properties


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Is there a way to know if any of the customized style properties has been changed in the core?

Recently I was testing an upgrade to 1.2 beta 3 and found an issue that the quote expansion message "Click to expand..." was positioned below upper breadcrumb. After some debugging I found that "BB Code Elements > BB Code Quote Message" style property has been updated and has extra "position: relative;" bits. But I had customized this property hence I was not getting the new bits.


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Yeah, that list can get rather long if you are customising things in SP. I've never found it terribly useful myself but it's a good indicator what your customised but like @Qwk86gn mentioned, it won't show outdated templates.


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As has already been posted, Style Properties don't have versions so tracking updated and outdated elements is difficult.

I too encountered the same issue with customised SPs not being updated, specifically BB Code.
I actually went through every single SP on my own style to see what has changed since I customised them in 1.0.0.

A full list of changed SPs from 1.1.5 to 1.2.0 will be published once the stable version is released.