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How to identify a "Mod" post - as opposed to a personal one?


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Aside from being on the Staff list and having a marker under their avatar, there is no real way to tell if my mods are posting in an "official" capacity or a personal one.

Are there any add-ons (or even suggestions based on your own experiences) that would allow us to clearly identify "mod" posts so that members can see a clear difference between the two?



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For very important things, I use a separate account that is named after our corporation, much like XF does for official announcements. Then I clarify that when I post as myself, I am only speaking for myself.

It's a little different from what you are asking, but it's an option.


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Could you do a custom bb code for them, where it's styled like a quote but differently (if you know what I mean?). We had something similar on phpBB3 for an off topic comment on a thread .


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I feel like making an addon to do this...

Have a little check box saying 'Official Post' under the watch thread checkbox, or near the post buttons for QR, and then have a postal indicator like when a public warning is displayed saying it's an official post...

That sounds interesting - a simple, staff-only "tick" and it puts a coloured bar across the top of the post container with "Official post" (maybe phrase it so we can put what we like)? Simple, CSS stylable, I like it. (y)