How to have google spiders on my forum?

Even without doing anything I have noticed that within a few days of my site being open I was having Google spiders crawling my site. I am sure there are ways to speed things up but I literally did nothing and within like 5 days Google was constantly crawling.
What's a backlinks? :( there's no space for newbies in internet. Maybe paying someone, someone here specialize in SEO? and can help me, i have some coins over there to give for your help ! Thank
No need for some specialist.

Create a Google Account and move over to the webmaster tools.

Submit your site. Without an account from google webmaster tools, there is no need for the sitemap. You must register the Sitemap to Google.

That's all.

Backlinks are links from other websites that direct to your site. If google found such a backlink, the robot wilkl follow this link and voila, google is at your site.
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