RM 1.2 How to give specific title for RM navtab ?

I want to rename the RM tab, I tried to rename the phrase ({xen phrase resources}) but this phrase is used in many other places (at least 4 templates). I want to give specific name for RM navtab only.

I found the navlinks template but I am not able to find the navtab template.


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The tab is added via code (PHP) so there isn't a template for it.

You would have to rename the phrase text and then edit the other templates which use the same phrase, and use a new phrase/text.
I just edited the phrase resources. Where else does it occur? I need to check if I also need to do something about this.
I though there is better steps to rename the tab only, but I created new phrase and updated these templates:

resource_index (2 times)