XF 2.1 How to get the attachment image paths? phpmyadmin shows blank for long varchar


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I'm trying to get the attachment image paths for all attachments in a thread.

I guess this is stored in image_path in attchment_data, but phpmyadmin is showing as empty - I guess because its a long 250 varchar. Is there a way to show this?


SELECT * FROM xf_post as p, xf_attachment as a, xf_attachment_data as d
WHERE p.thread_id = 'xxx'
and a.content_id = p.post_id
and d.data_id = a.data_id

Actually that seems wrong as the file_path should be empty - https://xenforo.com/community/threa...-xf_attachment_data-table.101261/#post-957058

So still a bit lost on where to get the path for attachments from the db and the folder they're in
The paths are defined in code as 'internalDataPath' => 'internal_data' and 'externalDataPath' => 'data'.

Those paths can be overwritten in config.php.

Files are then saved sequentially in directories (attachments, avatars, etc.) numbered from 0 onwards, with 1,000 file in each directory.
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