XF 2.2 How to get out of "tab" back to text after copy/paste

Black Tiger

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I've found an issue which starts to be annoying.
It happens often that we copy and paste a piece of text from another side or something else. Then it is nice when it's pasted into the forums.
Often links are still working, bold text keeps bold and so on.

However, if you copy something with a tab, I can't get out of the tab, to post some text beneath it. I will give an example here.

So this is something I copy:


Now this is the issue. To be able to post the text I'm now posting, I have to reply, then use the edit function and add the text below it.

I can't get out of that tab to do the same without using the reply and edit option.


I can use shift-enter here
Or just enter
but everything keeps in the tab,
I can't get out of it.

Edit 2: Finally I an add text again. Can this be fixed some how? Or how do I get out of that tab after pasting?
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