How to fit a 728x90 ad above nav bar

steven s

Well-known member
I'm trying to place a 728x90 ad above the navbar.
I've used the navigation template but the ad appears behind partially behind the nav bar.
I'd use above breadcrumb but 728x90 is too wide for my page.
Any advice?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
What about using ad_header?

To make more room above the navbar you may need to increase the height of the header:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Height of Header Logo

steven s

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Hadn't thought of that. I'll play with it on our test site.
But the header is actually pulling from our drupal template.
But that's what a test site is for. :)

Add: Nah. Turns out we don't even use the header template.

steven s

Well-known member
Take a look at my site (in sig), is that what you are looking to do?
Everything above the moderation bar is our drupal header. I can't touch that since it effects the rest of the site.
I need to get the banner to fit just below the header and above the nav bars.

I think I got it.


I added my image to PAGE_CONTAINER

<xen:hook name="body">
<center><img src="xx/728x90.png"></center>
I'll change the html to css.
I just wonder if that's the most efficient place to add it.
I also need to get rid of some of that white space below the ad without it interfering with the moderator bar.